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Proudly Serving Our Community Since 1939

Our Story

Adlers Towing is currently celebrating our 85th anniversary.

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Our History

In 1939 Adlers Service was started by Charles Adler at a two-pump Sinclair gas station in Pontiac Michigan.  In 1943, at the age of 13, Boyd Reed Jr went to work at Adlers eventually taking over from the Adler family. In 1954, Adlers began operating as the police impound yard for the city of Pontiac and continues this service to the city and Oakland County to this day.   As of our 85th year, the company is still run by Boyd's son and grandsons and operates a fleet of over 40 trucks, trailers, and heavy equipment.

Looking towards the Future

Building on our experience from over 85 years in business, we're looking forward to serving our community in new ways.  We're fully trained and specialized to recover and tow electric vehicles including all Tesla models even those under warranty.  Our operators are also trained to mitigate any environmental damage from accidents or other spills.

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